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2.11 - Under Pressure

It's the terror of knowing what this world is about

Show Notes

This week, we recap, review, and analyze Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (機動戦士Ζガンダム) episode 10 - “Reunion” (再会), discuss our first impressions, and provide commentary and research on the real-life city of Amman (and how it might have inspired events in the episode), language and translation notes, and missile countermeasures.

- U.S. Joint Military Contributions to Countering Syria’s 1970 Invasion of Jordan, by Richard A. Mobley for Joint Forces Quarterly, issue 55, 4th quarter 2009.

- Wikipedia pages on the Palestinian fedayeen and the Six-Day War.

- The 1967 War and the birth of international terrorism, Brookings Institute, Daniel L. Byman, May 30, 2017.

- How Jordan Shaped the Munich Massacre, Molly Fosco, July 20, 2018 for

- Black September: The Jordanian-PLO Civil War of 1970, Pierre Tristam, July 3,2019 for ThoughtCo.

- BBC articles from the outbreak of civil war in Amman, and the end of principal fighting in Amman.

- NYT archives articles from September 1970:

Sept. 10: Heavy Fighting in Amman; Hussein Orders Cease‐Fire

Sept. 12: In Jordan, the Balance Is Shaken

Sept. 17: Jordanian Army and Guerrillas Battle in Amman, Showdown in Jordan.

Sept. 18: Hussein's Tanks Clearning Guerrillas from Amman; U.S. Alert is Stepped Up

Sept. 19: Jordan Suspends Attacks After 2nd Day of Fighting

Sept. 20: Amman Battle Fought From House to House

Sept. 22: Syrian Tanks Key

Sept. 23: Jordanians Put a Price On the Head of Habash

Sept. 24: Amman Diary: Window on the War

Sept. 25: Guerrilla Resistance Is Reported Collapsing in North as Fighting Ebbs in Amman

Sept. 26: Arafat Complies

Sept. 27: Outbursts of Fighting in Amman After Truce Suggest a Breakdown of Authority, In the Flaming Streets of Amman, Hussein Wins the Battle but Price Is Very High.

Oct. 2: Big Question in Amman: Will Fighting Resume?

- page for 修正 (しゅうせい/shuusei), translated in the episode as "correction."

- page for 機 (き/ki), and Tofugo page about the use of 機 as a counter for airplanes and airplane crew.

- Example sentence for 大きな声, from

- page for 大声 (おおごえ/ougoe). I also consulted for definition and example sentences (only accessible with free trial or subscription).

- Army study guide (for promotion exams), section on “Command Voice.”

- Wikipedia pages for missiles, countermeasures, and active countermeasures.

- “Project Pigeon.”

- Descriptions and explanations of flare and chaff countermeasures (how they work and what they are used for).

- From a website that provides full-text of classic flight simulation handbooks, The Official F-15 Strike Eagle Handbook section on defensive tactics, including when and how to use chaff.

- Explanation of different fuse types, and additional detail on the proximity fuse specifically.

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