Mobile Suit Breakdown: the Gundam Anime Podcast
A Companion Podcast for All 40 Years of Gundam
MSB is a weekly Gundam podcast for new fans, old fans, and not yet fans. Nina (a Gundam first-timer) and Thom (a lifelong Gundam fan) analyze, review, and research all 40-years of the iconic sci-fi anime mega-franchise Mobile Suit Gundam in the order it was made. We research its influences, examine its themes, and discuss how each piece of the Gundam canon fits within the changing context in Japan and the world, from 1979 to today. Part history podcast, part discussion podcast, all Gundam podcast.
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2.24: In Armstrong's Footsteps

That's One Small Step For Mobile Suit

2.23: Harsh Realities

The Eyes of Pompadour Shishkabob

2.22: Signed in Blood

Platypus Sriracha strikes again

2.21: Rocket Man

Run run run run run run run away

2.20: Stealing Time

You start a conversation you can't even finish

2.19: A Fateful Encounter

I'm Tense and Nervous and I Can't Relax

2.18: Gateway to the Stars

Don't Touch Her, She's a Real Live Wire

2.17: Fog Over Hickory

it's always ourselves we find in the sea

2.16: Where the Water Meets the Sky

I Left My Heart Where San Francisco Used To Be

2.15: It's Been a Long, Long Time

You'll never know how many dreams I dreamed about you, or just how empty they all seemed without you

2.14: Relics

Consign your heroes to museums