Mobile Suit Breakdown: the Gundam Anime Podcast
Watching All 40 Years of Gundam, One Episode at a Time
Welcome to the Jungle

Gundam Eps. 29 & 30: We've Got Fun and GMs

Making Amends

Gundam Eps. 27 & 28: The Spy, the Sky, and Kai

Battle in the Age of Mobile Suits

Gundam Ep. 26: In the Navy You Can Put Your Mind At Ease

Because of People Like You

Gundam Eps. 24 & 25: Odessa At Last

The Long Shadow

Gundam Eps. 22 & 23: The Trap of M'tilda!

The Fate of a Soldier

Gundam Eps. 20 & 21 Roomba, Jamón y Ryu Jose

Duel in the Desert

Gundam Ep. 19: A Podcast Similar to Regret

What Will You Do Now?

Gundam Ep. 18: Lone Gundam


Gundam Ep. 17: Haro's Counterattack

Answers at Any Price

Gundam Ep. 16: Sayla's [Spoiler]

A Gundam podcast for new fans, old fans, and not yet fans. One Gundam first-timer and one long-time Gundam fan watch, analyze, and review all 40-years of the iconic sci-fi anime mega-franchise Mobile Suit Gundam in the order it was made. We research its influences, examine its themes, and discuss how each piece of the Gundam canon fits within the changing context in Japan and the world, from 1979 to today.